Samstag, 2. November 2013

Time? Time...? STAHP.

Oh yes, time waits for no one. This is so present for me right now, that I would really apreciate if the time stops right now for everyone besides me. Oh that would be so much fun!
This is kind of a Time... ew no, life update.
The last weeks I had so MUCH STRESS and the shittiest thing about that was, that it was all my fault. In June or July I stopped doing anything. I was so done with school, that I searched for an option.. surprise, I found one.
In July I called another school for an application talk and well on 9th September I went to Hamburg aaaaand I have to send them my details and yeah. So I will change the school in April and guess what, this is FUCKING AWESOME. After that everything got better because now I know, that I just have to endure this Semester and then I can start hopefully a bestter schoolyear. I will redo the third Semester, because I learned to less in the other school. For example we had two Semesters only Cinema 4D. No Photoshop. No InDesign. No Illustrator. And guess what? We needed the damn Photoshop and InDesign in both Semesters. Thankfully I did so much with Photoshop and friends showed me how to use InDesign.
But still it is a piece of impudence.
Well, why did I do so less for school?
It was because I lost all of my selfesteem. I thought nothing was good enough, because one teacher was never satisfied with the thing I did. So I did it over and over and over again since April. But now I can finish it. Finally.
That and some other factors played together and so I was just done. Till I started to draw my Doujinshi 'Waldkinder'. That were three really hard weeks but I did it. And got so much for it. Among other things also my self esteem.
So many people said me that the story was good and also my drawings, that I saw it myself again. But well.. the three weeks were in school time.. and I wasn't there and yeah ummm.
But it was worth it. I think I would be really depressed when I hadn't finished my Doujinshi.
And so I had to do much schoolwork in the last weeks.
This month will be really hard to. I have a few things to do, but it will be the good kind of stress.
In the last week I did many little drawings, when I had some free time and I will show them to you now.
Because this entry has to much text in bad english right now.

This was the first one I did and she is also some part of the things I have to do in November. I'm looking forward to tell her story.
A fanart for one of my favorite korean songs. It's called Turtle by Davichi. I love the music video for the song!
And a Harry Potter Fanart. I like Hermione and her cat!

That was it. Hope you all had a nice day!