Sonntag, 21. August 2011

I want to ride~

Hey there! It's something like summer, but I don't want to talk about the weather, because I hate the heat, I'm just go out when I'm forced to. Haha.
So I'm doing sport in house on the hometrainer. It's like a bike and it's okey for my sport things. But it's so boring, that I cancelled sport until now. Now I have the perfect thing found to do, when I'm making sport on the hometrainer:
Yeah how cool? I'am doing sport and play Playstation 2 at the same time! Nerdness found a new level! Hell yes!
Okey, it's not cool, but it's more interesting as just riding the bike. Maybe with this I can end my PS2 games like Final Fantasy 10/12 or Shadow Hearts: Covenant. And besides I can kill my high weight. Muhrhrhr. Perfect.


Through flood and through fire

What's the difference between a fairy and an elf? I read about it, but it still feels totally ambiguous. I think, there should be a difference, but it feels like everybody else is just messing everything up. The case: I'm currently drawing a picture which features a girl who should be a fairy. I thought. With Titania as her fairy queen. But I'm German and in German "fairy" is usually translated to "Fee", but Titania is not called "Feenkönigin", but "Elfenkönigin", which I would translate back into "elven queen" ... So what now?! Makes no sense! Just as bad as bra sizes.

ACEO sketches

Above are sketches of ACEOs I want to sell at the upcoming Connichi. No danger of faeries here.


Freitag, 19. August 2011

You've fallen for me

Hey, today I just have a sketch for you. Next time I will show some more things for my Manga Magie contribution.
She's the villain in the story for Manga Magie. I'am really proud of her design. It's sexy in my opinion. Haha.. the other characters are only cute ones.

Bye, bye,

Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

Blue Bookmark

Today I got a package from Amazon. Inside was the book "Ein Roman in einem Jahr" from the writer Louise Dohorty. 

The book is based on a Kolumn by her and in the Prolog she's telling about she got the idea and how the Kolumn was. It's really interesting and not like other guidebooks.

Those from you who want to write should spend a look in this book! :D