Freitag, 27. April 2012

Greetings from the Bunnybee

This past February, I brought my PS3 (name it Three for convenience) online for the first time in her life (some years now). All for FF13-2. Because I wanted to change Serah's dress!!! Hell yeah, once in a while, I'm actually acting like a girl. 8D So, in April when Bär discovered her need for Journey, her Three went online, too. And we got all happy, because we could add each other as our first friend!! *A* And then, omg, we had to send each other some PS3-messages for we don't talk enough with each other via MSN every day. And yeah, the part I want to tell is actually just how much I love my Three for remembering every single f***ing key input, even from within the games. I'm typing a word starting with "de" totally innocently, thinking of nothing, and Three suggests "Defrosted Tuna Team". The Yes!! *3*> I love her for remembering how much I enjoyed playing Star Ocean 3 ... on the PS2!! orz I often think about replaying, but I can never decide whether I should dare Dimension difficulty mode or not. I want to, but I know how much I suck at playing ... "8D Endless torments. 

For all those who are wondering, what's Star Ocean 3 on Two and Defrosted Tuna on Three have in common: In SO3 you can choose a name from a list when your team inscribes for coliseum battles. I chose "Defrosted Tuna Team" because it was the silliest. And of course, when I had the chance to enter a custom name for my coliseum team in Star Ocean 4 (on Three), Defrosted Tuna celebrated its glorious return. And Three engraved it in her memory. To my utter delight. 8D
Wonderful stories are wonderful~ 8D
Just like bunnybees. Illustrator doodle. :>


Samstag, 21. April 2012

Schläft ein Braunbär nachts?

(German, because Bär found new lazyness)

Dir, der du unseren Blog über die Frage: "Schläft ein Braunbär nachts?", gefunden hast, muss ich sagen, dass ich als Bär, bevorzugt nachts schlafe.
Doch es gibt diese Tage im Jahr, da bin ich auch nachts wach und schlaf dafür den ganzen Tag (Meist um große Feiertage rum und auch im Sommer und Herbst).
Am liebsten schlafe ich lange im Winter und am liebsten auch die ganze Nacht, weil eine halbe einfach nicht so erholsam ist wie eine ganze 8 Stunden Nacht. Auf die 8 Stunden Nacht bestehe ich sehr, denn für die tägliche Jagd gibt es nichts besseres, als ausgeschlafen zu sein.

Das sollte deine Frage beantworten. :>

Als nächstes dann: Schlafen Häscken nachts? 8D

Freitag, 20. April 2012


I'm lazy. So take this Fanart. 8D"