Sonntag, 10. April 2011


When I'm at the end with this picture, I don't want to draw those flowers again in my entire life. I don't know why I'm always drawing so much flowers and plants, it's not just in the Calender pictures..

Now I'm saying I wouldn't ever draw those again, but you will see... next month I sure will. XD

Okay some explaining on my work process:
First I sketch some lines with a pencil, then when I'm thinking "Ow that's really nice" I will work it out, till it looks fine to me and then I line it with a softer Pencil to clarify details and important fragments. After this I begin with the right lines. Mostly I line with Deleter Fineliner in 0,03, because I like thin lines. :D
When all the lines are on the paper, I will begin with the color, but you see I'm not finish at the moment and so the coloring process comes later.

Hope you like and till next time,

Montag, 4. April 2011


Today I felt like I was again for two days in Disneyland. My feet are so flat like a pancake, or you see like two days in Disneyland. (It's really the same pain! Unbelievable!)
So I will for the next two weeks look into the baker work and today it was the first day for me.
It was a bit boring, because I just had to pack bread and rolls. Hope in the next days I will have some more work to do, so that I don't have just to stand all the time.
But it was OK. :D