Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012


Hey there!
Last weekend was the Dokomi an Anime and Manga convention in Düsseldorf(Germany).
This year I took some photos and I want to show them to you here!
I don't took that many or impressive ones but I think it will dscribe what I saw there and what I did there.
I was there for selling Yakus and mine products like wallpapers, postcards and things like that. I want to thank you all for showing up and maybe buying. Because of that my time at the Dokomi'12 was really great! :>

And here the photos:
Isn't that cute? They had Nyancat plushies and well they had ALPAKAS! I wanted one but I hadn't enough money for one.
And those were also really cute. But well no money and I also hadn't watch the anime.
Yeah it looks like I was only there to took Photos of plushies. Ew. But they had so many great things..
Do you see it? DO YOU SEE IT? ALPAKA! An Violet ALPAKA!
Last but not least: My table at the Zeichnerallee.
Well not really full and not really breathtaking but well. On the next Convention I want to decorate my table. But I have to think about with what I want to. Maybe flowers or something like that.

Ok that was it. I hope you liked it,

Freitag, 18. Mai 2012


Hey there,
today I want to talk about the ESC or in long Eurovision Songcontest. This year it's the 57th.
For the not european people: The ESC is a music competition.
All European countries (and also Russia) send one act and after they all presented their songs to the publicum you can call for them. The Countries can get one to twelve points and the country with the highest points wins.
I'm a huge fan of this, because every year there are many artists I hadn't known before and I'm also interested in foreign music. (Mostly Icelandic and Japanese (poor that it's only for European countries))
Well, because the ESC is again at the 26th of May I wanted to share with you a few of my own highlights from the last years and also from this years for that I'm looking forward.
Have fun!

Well lets begin with something really corny from Russia. I don't like the song and also the artist isn't that special but look! He has Evgeni Plushenko in the back! .. Ok I only wanted to show it because of Plushenko.. skip to 1:50 to see the part with Plushenko.

The next one is a bit more interesting and from Bosnia Herzegovinia. I really like this song and I think it's really special. 

The next two songs are both from Serbia and I'm not sure if the artists are brother and sister. They look so similar! Look at their hairstyle.
The first song is from 2011. I think the girl is quite cute. Don't you think?

And the second serbian song is from 2010. That year I was at the Japantag and missed half of the show. I was sad because is missed also this cute gir..*ehem* boy..:

Ovo je  Balkan, Balkan, come on~
Still the best Lyrics ever...
Maybe the one from 2011 is the same one as from 2010. He maybe disguised himself as a woman.. who knows...

Also in 2011 there were two guys and their hair was quite creepy. Can you guess who I mean?
I'm talking about the Lipstick singing guys that calls themselve Jedward. They are competing again this year.

That were a few from the artists I can remember. Not that many, but they were the interesting ones between the half naked girls and the romantic guys.

This year I'm looking forward to Russias entry! The song is just amazing and the Performance is adorable!
Have a look:

Isn't the song amazing?...

I hope you liked my short review and maybe you found some interesting artists too.
Which appeareances did you like in the past years? Which not? Tell me about it!

(I'm a bit sad because, I'm not home at that weekend but well, I will record it and watch it later. 
Please visit me on the Dokomi that weekend if you're interested.)

See ya,

Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2012

17th of May

Hey there. WIP for my new ACEO for the Dokomi this year!

Hope you like,

Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

One Day

Just a quick pencil sketch with sketchy Photoshop colour (background texture by SolStock from DevArt). Somehow it feels like I haven't drawn anything for a very long time, which is not true, but then again it kind of is. Hmm. :/
My beloved character Shai, looking just slightly more odd than usual. 8>


Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012

4th of May

Hey there, today I will show you many WIPs for my new picture. Have fun! :>

Hope you like it,

Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2012

2nd May

Today is the second of may and it's really early yet but there happened a few things in the morning that make me angry.
Lets start at the beginning:
In march, I absolved my work experience as an Mangaka/Illustrator and everything was fine, besides that I got sick before the practicum had started(The reason why I also wasn't able to go to the Leipziger bookfair). As a consequence I had to start the practicum a bit later and I wrote to my responsible teacher in that time, that I wasn't able to meet him before because I was sick and also that I couldn't give him my horizon of expectation for the practicum. I waited for an answer, but after a few days I saw: There wasn't one. So I sended a new one and also wrote the practicum organiser, who said that he will ask my responsible teacher what had happened and why he couldn't answer.
Good, I thought and stopped thinking about that.
Until the practicum ended. Then I worried about that, because I didn't got an answer and also at the end I'm the fooled one. Whatever happens the teacher isn't blamed. That is someting like a strange rule. The second rule is that teachers are allowed to say what they want and if it hurts you, ... well your problem.
Besides that we had to hand in a portfolio about our practicum in which should be everything we had done and what we knew about the work we did. Before I could hand in the portfolio got sick and then my printer stopped working. In the end I wrote again a mail with the portfolio as attachement(I was late, but only two days). I also added, that it would be very great if the teacher could answer if the portfolio has reached him.
I never got an answer.
Today I wanted to hand in the printed version, but guess what?
First the teacher said I'm a liar because he got only one mail (the last with the portfolio) and then he said he will not evaluate my portfolio.  (The funny thing is, that he showed me his mails on his Iphone and at the end there were two mails, not only one)
And that only because the first mail hadn't arrived. FUUUUU!
What is this teacher thinking?
Ok, I see the first mail didn't arrive and ok, I see why he is angry, but he also handled not right when he hadn't answered! And to stick on one mail from whatever-the-date-was to say because of that I don't want to do this and that is really not that nice and responsibe.
And also the liar thing is really unfriendly. I don't know why the first mail hadn't arrived, but there could be so much things why it was like that. Maybe it was the Internet connection, or server maintance or whatever! Internet isn't the trustworthy thing on earth. Hard to believe but it is like that and it's not my fault at all, because I really know, that I send the mail and also Yaku can say that I did that.
At the end I explained him that I'm not ok to be declared as an liar and that I don't want to talk with him about that thing. Then I left and I think it's ok like that, because I don't understand why I should admit that I lied, when I haven't. But all the time he said: "Admit that you lied and everything's allright", nice but I'm not a liar and I don't want to be one, only because I said I did that to get things allright.
Conclusion is that I have to talk to the practicum organiser and to ask if it's ok if I don't hand a portfolio in or if I can get a new responsible teacher.

Before, I heard so much bad about that teacher and I was nice and said he has his reasons and that he could have problems and all that to excuse him. So that the others don't talk bad about him, but now I know, that he has just an awful personality.
That is really sad, because problems can be solved but an awful personality can never be changed.

Ok I will end it here, because I'm still angry about that.

I hope your morning was nicer,