Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

Holiday Report #1

It's finally the time! I'm gonna write a bit about the trip to Japan and South Korea my sister, a friend of hers and me made during last September/October. But I actually have a lot to tell, so I'll split it up between multiple posts. 8>

We started from Frankfurt/Germany, changed airplanes in Beijing/China, got checked and controlled there like a hundred times and headed off towards Busan/South Korea, where we spent the first days of our holidays. My sister lived there once before, that's why she wanted to revisit the city and a good friend. :)
It's a pretty nice city with a pretty beach. Korean girls sure are fashionable. All people we talked to were quite good in English or at least tried their best (unlike later in Japan~). Only Korean food does not really suit my taste. XD ('cos I'm too picky). But that dish of steamed egg was great. °_°

One of the buildings of the temple at the top of the mountain
The third day, we visited Beomeosa Temple and climbed up the mountain to find that there was another much smaller, much quieter and much prettier temple up there. I was reminded of the beautiful art of Kim Yeon-Joo, a Manhwa artist, whose works I love a lot. It was like "yes, of course her drawings are beautiful, because the country she's living in is very beautiful!" :>

Oh, and one evening we decided spontaneously to go Karaoke singing. Being all girlish we wanted the place with the pink letters on the sign!! But for unknown reason they sent us away telling us, there was no Karaoke ... Hmm ... I wonder what kind of place that actually was, being camouflaged as a Karaoke place? Ehem. 8D But across the street we were lucky. There, they even had English and Japanese songs and I learned that knowing a text while singing along with the singer and knowing a text while trying to read Hiragana and Kanji are two completely different things. 8D The only song where it slightly worked was "Suteki da ne" from Rikki (Final Fantasy 10 ending) 'cos it's slow!! XD For all other songs I ended up singing only "lalala". orz But it was so fun. Being allowed to sing as loud as you want without worrying about neighbours sure is great. T_T

Sunset at Busan Beach
After that short stay in Korea we jumped into the plane again and flew towards Tokyo!
But that will be covered another day. :>

See you there!
(blogging on a leap day -> happiness)

Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012


Hey and again it's Bär. Yeah it seems like I have no life.
But today it's only a short entry about my last picture. I tried to do lineless and it was pretty hard. I think it's ok. Here you can see a WIP:

It looked like this, after two hours. Many mistakes in the anatomy and the clothes are also not really pretty.
After a while it was finished and now it looks like this. I hope you like it.

Have a nice week,

Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

Sigur Rós

Hey there, it's Bär and today I want to introduce you to my favorite band named Sigur Rós.

First time I listened to a song from them was when I watched the movie Penelope with Christina Ricci and James McAvoy, which is also really great. There was this really good song at the end and I had to search for it. And I found it, it was called Hoppípolla and the band was Sigur Rós. After that I searched a bit on Youtube and Google and found also other songs like Glósólior Sæglópur.

I'm sure most of you are now like: "What kind of songs are that?", and the answer is it is Icelandic. A bit knowledge: Sigur Rós was formed in the 90ths in Reykjavík and they were named by the frontsingers newborn sister Sigurrós Elín what means victory rose. The members are Jónsi, Goggi, Kjarri and Orri. Their songs are mostly in Icelandic, English and sometimes in Vonlenska (known as Hopelandic).
I don't know what that music genre could be called so I don't write about that.

I'm listening to their music now for a year or two and since that I recognise how often songs by them are played in the background in movies, advertisements or shows. For example in the movie "the boys are back" or "Vanilla Sky" and also there were a few songs played in the German show "Dschungel Camp" that was airing this year. I think the last one isn't really to be taken serious. But it is nice to see, that they became a bit more popular in Germany too.

I hope I aroused a bit interest. I can recommend the albums "Takk.." and "Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust". Or you can also listen to Jónsis soloalbum named "Go".

I hope you liked my little "Idon'tknowhowtonamethissortofentries".
Have a nice weekend,

Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012

Skip Beat!-Extravagant Challenge

Picture from
Hey guys! Today I want to talk a bit about my currently favourite Dorama! This time it's Skip Beat-Extravagant challenge! It is airing since end of December and it's really good.

The Dorama is based on the Manga, and there is an Anime as well. I only read a few chapters of the Mangas, but it wasn't that bad.
Okey a bit about the story, for those who don't know the Manga or the Anime:
It's about Kyoko, a girl that is hard working to support her friend Sho, who is debuting as a singer.
After she recognizes that he's only using her, she tries to become famous herself to take revenge on Sho and thus joins the talent agency LME.

Picture from
So much for that, you can imagine that her idea to become famous isn't so easy to realize. But it is really funny to watch her failing, ha ha.

The drama is a taiwanese one. I didn't watch taiwanese dramas before, so I didn't know what to expect, but when I saw the first episode I was just like "WOAH! WANT MORE.", and now I'm waiting every week for the next episode like a maniac.
One reason is the very good cast. Kyoko(called Gong-Xi in the drama) is played by Ivy Chen, who is really pretty and funny. I think she is perfect for that role.
Sho and his rival Ren are played by two members of Super Junior(Donghare and Siwon) and Super Junior M also did the Opening and Ending song, which are really good as well, what is also the second reason I enjoy to watch this drama. The music is excellent.

After a long time I found a drama as good as You're Beautiful and Ouran Highschool Hostclub. I would give this Dorama 5/5 points, if I could. Ha.
I hope you enjoyed my fangirling, but I couldn't resist.

If you want to watch, you can do it on Mysoju, Dramacrazy or Gooddrama. Episodes are airing on every sunday and are mostly subbed on tuesday or wednesday(with a bit luck..).

Enough of this.

Have a nice week,

Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

Another month, another sketch

In my last post I wrote about Lovecraft. In last week's episode of Another (namely episode 3), protagonist Sakakibara-kun was reading Lovecraft. I was happy. Then someone died ... I do not approve. :<


Sketch is even coloured this time around! 8D This gal is called Shai and is one of my favourite characters of mine. She's usually wearing red, but I felt like giving her blue this time. Makes her look more elegant, but also more dangerous. XD I really want to draw this on a large paper. Because that's what she deserves. :>