Montag, 31. Dezember 2012

Tell me your wish

From now on, I will leave here and there pictures I did, but that aren't worse a full post or don't have wips.

The start does this one. There are twins from a story of mine... why are they wearing uniforms? Well I was a litte bit (MUCH) obsessed with SNSDs Genie song.
Now I'm obsessed with sixth sense by Brown Eyed Girls. Korean music for the win!

Have a nice day! And a happy new year!


Again and again..
Yesterday we had the same model as in nude drawing. But this time we portrayed her!

I think the model is really great! It was fun to draw her.



After more than 15 years, I finally solved all 100 levels of Pushover, my most favourite game of all times and all worlds! *3* Thanks to my family for playing with me (not that were of any real help in recent years). Long live the Push Ant! <3

If you're wondering, what kind of game Push is, it's an old puzzle game, where you have to rearrange different types of dominoes, so that once pushed all stones fall over in order. It was originally made for DOS, but it can be still played on modern computers using an emulator. 8>b

And thus, just as the game, the year comes to a close. Let's all do our best next year (and the next game), too!
Thanks for stopping by!

And yes, this is Yaku writing! I'm still around and will be! Sorry for not showing up at all these past months, I'll try to get better. Big hugs to Pär, because she's the Masterpär. <3

Happy New Year!

Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

I want to be a part of you

And the next picture! I did it for a secret santa thing on Animexx and yeah.
I decided to do a Rokokopicture because I like Rokoko. Yeah. Na I just love the Marie Antoinette movie by Sofia Coppola. It's so colorful and daw. Just love it and inspiration #1.
 I started with the dark parts, because starting with the light parts was to mainstream. Hipster Bär.
 Then I added the color I wanted to the blue and yep, it looked kinda shity.
Because it didn't look so cool, I added much glitter to the original, so that I couldn't see by myself how shity the color is, because the glitter was shining so bright. WIN.
Here have the finished one with much photoshop addition:

I have to admit.. I like the finished piece. When I drew I thought so many times, that it would be better when I throw it away and do it again. Now I'm really proud, that I didn't do that.

I hope you all had wonderful christmas!

Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2012


Hello. Again it's me. Looks like someone doesn't have a life. Hoho.
Well today I wanted to share some Unistuff with you. We had this morning Nudedrawing(Aktzeichnen) and I was amazed about... my felt tip pens because... look yourself:

What sorcery is that? It looks like watercolor and daw! Really I never thought it would turn out that nice!

Just wanted to share that with you. *flies away*

Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2012


Well well, it's Yaku. Not.
Like always it's Bär.

Today I wanted to share some WIPS and the finished piece of my work für conceptual illustration.

After one hour...
After a trillion more hours. This was so nerv wrecking! But I kinda liked it in this state way more as with color.
In the end the finished piece is what counts. I think it is good for the first task. I hope the docent will see it like me. ''orz
Oh there was something when I drew the ball. First it was flat and even with shadows it looked not that 3Dthing like. But when I added some strokes like in my other Aquarellcoloration it began to look like this. It was like: "WOAH what is this? It's crazy"
I didn't know that such small details could change everything! Yeah ok I just learned it by the other pictures but aw. Such a nice thing to know!

My word for wednesday,