The Heroines

Hey there, welcome, ye who wants to know more about this blog! We are two girls writing and drawing here. One is Patricia alias Bär, currently student. The other one is Luisa alias Yaku, currently freelance artist.
Feel free to comment, if you have something to tell us. :>


Lv: 20                 Exp: 1/256
HP: 50/899           MP: 2/10
Species: Bär        Job class: Soldat
Weapons: Herosword

Attacks: Spamming, Fangirling, Sleeppowder, Poison

Special attack: Recover.


Lv: 25                     Exp: 75/3141
HP: 245/734            MP: 230/230
Species: Häscken     Job Class: Mage
Weapons: Pencil, Fridge

Attacks: Roll, Whistle, Magical Glow, Knee Kick

Special attack: Fridge Throw!

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Super Ultra Special Combination Move: Fusssssssionn~ *_*// \\*_*
*Kiwi appears*