Mittwoch, 22. August 2012


Hey boys and girls, this Bär and she still has nothing better to post as Videos cut from Livestream. :<
Hope you like:

And the finished piece:
Hope you like, over and out!

Samstag, 18. August 2012


Yesterday I was livestreaming and did a little picture in it.
With the record I did this video! Please have a look!

Hope you like it!
And also the finished piece:

Hope you like it!

Montag, 13. August 2012

Itchin' on a photograph

Hey everybody!
It's 9:55am and I thought I have to post a few pictures!
Yesterday my mother and me went to ride our bikes. We drove from Geseke to Bad Westernkotten and on our way, we, espacially me, took many photos.
I thought it would be interesting so I decided to post the photos here. I will post from time to time a new part, so here we go, four of the first pictures I took:

This is my favourite, what do you think?

This bee was just in time.
 I think the pictures turned out good as they were so I just edited my watermark in it. Maybe I'm not skilled enough to see what should be edited because I'm only an amateur photographer...
Hope you enjoyed this post!

Have a nice day,

Dienstag, 7. August 2012

Yaku has to blog more!

But she doesn't. So we all should write her spammails so that she will blog in the future! >O

In the meanwhile I show you WIPs for a junk picture for Yaku. It is her character Shai!

Hope you like it. Yaku liked it by the way.
Have a nice day,