Mittwoch, 30. März 2011

Cooking with yaku~

Welcome to this special show! 'Cause yaku can't cook at all! XD Well, I'd say I can make anything, if it's sweet. But as cooking usually is not-sweet, I usually fail before even trying as I'm not interested in it at all. ":D I can make decent pancakes, though. Sweet. <3 The reason for this event is the package of sushi rice, that's been lying around for nearly two years and has expired - as its label claims - already in February. Sweet!


Therefore yaku is making sushi, namely Kappa Maki ... with some egg. I don't like fish or anything that smells or tastes like fish.


The finished Tamagoyaki did not work quite right, but the egg does not care, so neither I do. But you know, I really don't like using that word, but making omelett with a big spoon full of sugar is just moe.



The rice looks fine, but is actually still too hard. XD Did not boil long enough as it seems. But this is the point where the only thing I love about cooking kicks in: vinegar! I love vinegar. And vinegar together with sugar is even more fun. <3


And .... the finished products!! Aahahahahaha!! XD Mega-fail? *_* No nori for me makes rolling difficult. And while they look ... er ... quite rolled, they'll definetely fall apart once you touch them. *_*b (secret technique!!) But it's still edible. After all, I ate all those that turned out worse. And was really full in the end. XD So with the leftover rice I had some fun.


Have a nice spring! *_*/ yaku~

Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

Sketches and plans III

Here is Kuma, for once. Long time no see, but now I will show some of my Sketches! :D

So here you can see the first Sketch for one of the Calender pictures, that I'm drawing. It's Mellin and Alasar, the two main characters of one of my story ideas. I like them, but I'm not sure about Alasars face, because it looks a bit huge. Huger than Mellins. What do you think? :O

So tomorrow I will meet with Yaku and will stay by her till Saturday and then I will go with her to the Leipziger book fair. Aw I'm really happy to meet her and I hope I will meet some more.
But I'm not looking forward to the train journey, hope there will not be any delays...

Wish you all a nice weekend!

Sketches and plans II

This weekend is the Leipzig Book Fair. I don't feel quite like going, but that's just because of my lazyness these days. I know, it will be a nice change of pace. Meeting some friends, sitting together while drawing and chatting ... And as I'm probably going to attend both Saturday and Sunday, I might finally be able to indulge myself in the Antiquarian books section.


Above is another detail of a picture that will hopefully appear in our next calendar. See all the books in the background? Because it's book fair time! No, just kidding. Just coincidence as I love drawing bookshelves. XD


Samstag, 12. März 2011

Sketches and plans

As you can see here, too, Kuma and I are actively working on new projects. Like last year, we want to make a calendar again. And yeah, we have learned our lesson and started early this time. :D
This is part of the sketch for the first month of my share. :D



Dienstag, 1. März 2011

Some Cleaning

Old Pressing Iron

I'm cleaning up my room these days. Or rather, sorting and throwing away heaps of paper. It's incredible what kind of things and sketches und ideas are buried here. I found some photos, too.
Paper is fun. <3 But scanning paper photos is a pain. Even more dirt than with normal paper scans. D: