Dienstag, 31. Dezember 2013

Looking forward

Hey there. It's that time of the year again! Yaku is blogging! 8Db This year has been kinda hard for me. Bad luck just seemed to pile up. My cat died, my mother broke her foot, my father's pass was stolen while he was travelling abroad etc etc. u_u But well, I'm still alive and kicking. And I'll be working to make the next year turn out better. u3u
In that sense, here are some sketches for my upcoming short story, that'll hopefully be for sale at my stand at MCC/Leipziger Bookfair in March.

Have a very good year, everyone.
Thanks for sticking with us!


Montag, 30. Dezember 2013

The final letter

Since I played Final Fantasy Crisis Core I'm in love with Aerith and her relationship to Zack.
My most favorite part is, when Zack gets the last letter Aerith wrote to him.

I drew a fanart. And I don't have that much to say, because I lack of sleep, so here take the lines and the picture! *3*/

Have a nice day,

Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2013

Miracle in Cell No. 7

Today I want to talk about Miracle in Cell No. 7.
I saw the movie tonight and God I'm so happy nobody saw me, when I watched that. I'm still a crying mess, because I had the urgent feel that one ton of tears aren't enough, so I skipped again through the saddest scenes in the movie and added 5 tons of tears to my lake of tears.

But let me tell you a bit about the movie.
Miracle in Cell No. 7 is about a handicapped father, who is accused of killing a child wrongly. So he is sent to prison and there he befriends with prisoners which are also in his cell.
They help him to see his daughter and yeah.. I can't say more, because that would be a too huge spoiler, I think.
The movie is often listed as comedy and let me say that: IT ISN'T. Don't make the mistake and watch the movie, because you want to laugh. Sure there are a few scenes which are very funny, but most of the time you're sobbing. ...Maybe not, when your heart is a stone.
Even the EXO members cried, ok? So all your tears are manly because even korean Idols cry about this movie.

I'm still not sure if I recommend the movie or not. It was one of the best movies I ever saw, but it was so sad that I want to hold it for my own.
But I think I chose recommend this time.
Let me say what I liked about this movie.
1) It had a great cast. Kal So-won who played the daughter was so cute and great, also the fathers actor (Ryu Seung-ryong) was so skilled! He managed to act handicapped so great that it was really authentic! The movie had also Park Shin Hye in it. She's one of my favorite korean actresses since I started with K-Drama!
2) The relationship between the father and the daughter was so heartwarming, that you just couldn't help smiling or crying when they saw each other again.
3) The Prisioners.. They made the movie less sadder and at the same time much sadder. Can't describe what I felt.

At the end, I can recommend it to everyone who wants to watch a good movie with a great story and who isn't frightened of korean movies and tears.
I never thought it would be that good, even if I heard much good about it.

Sorry that this is only a "OMG THIS MOVIE IS GREAT" Post, but I couldn't help.
Have a nice day,

Here have my mood when I think about the movie:

Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2013

Déjà Vu

Since I recently got much time... Wait, whut? How could it be, that I suddenly have time, when before I wrote that I had stress and no life at all?
The answer is very simple: I stoped going to that school.
I don't know when I was okey with the idea with not going there anymore (maybe when I got the contract for the other school and signed it? (or maybe when I had no money for the trainticket?)), but it was a relif.
I know this shouldn't be just free time, I also should do something till April and I will. But this month I want to concentrate for a short time in my life only on my projects. And also it almost christmas and new year and what wouldn't be better to start a new lifecircle on new years eve?
But this shouldn't be a life update, I wanted to show you something from tonight.

Since drawing is a bit boring without listen to something or watch, I started to watch drama alongside.
And yesterday I saw some post on Tumblr about one drama, that got me right away. I searched for the drama and watched the first episode and it was so great!
I'm talking about the taiwanese drama Déjà Vu.
First I thought it wasn't something special. Just a girl who finds his love and then tragedies happen and you know. Only some drama. But then I saw the first episode and it was so magical and cute. Then it turned sad and then it was still unbelievable lovely to watch, that I'm still in love.
I can't say if the actors are good, but they're always surprising me with their appearance and mimic. It's definitely a watch worth. Even if it's just the first episode!

Also there is great music. I'm listening to the intro all day long, since I found it yesterday.
And because I like the drama so much, I drew a fanart. Because fanarts to Anime and Manga are to mainstream.. whut? lol
Here we go:
The sribble was so detailed... not. I was in trouble when I did the line art. orz
But it turned out okey. It was very easy to draw, because I had much fun!

And that is the result. It is very romantic I think. And it is sparkly and all.. like the drama. Ha.
I like the two main character, she is so kind and lovely and he.. I can't describe it, but they are such heart warming characters. Also I like the story of the Bliss bracelet. I think it will have some great meaning in the next episodes. Maybe it will clear the situation all are in now? I don't want to spoiler but I really hope the two will find together again. Hach.

And now I said everything I wanted. I hope you all have a nice day!