Samstag, 20. November 2010

How to draw a Chibi in more than 3 days~

Eh yeah. Now I will tyrannize you with my great English. You will have some dreams tonight with some grammar mistakes. Haha.
But now I don't want to write about my English, no. I  will write about a picture that takes 3 days time and what's finally finish.

Only for you, my 20 dears I made a few screens, so please, hope you'll like.
We start with first three steps:


So I start with the sketch, then the outlines and then the first color. Nothing special.
Ok next three:


Ok here: Much more color and you can see, so much screens aren't there. So the next is the nearly finally version, but in the last you can see, that I like blue shadows and so I add a few. 

The last and I think that Aoife looks great in the yellow/gold dress, but yeah it's my meaning and I changed, after long time of thinking and thinking and thinking, that green is great, too. Haha. Yeah but I overlay just the yellow with the first color idea and so the green gos very nice.

Ok, that was my little making of in english. Please don't beat me for this. 


  1. nain das grüme sieht so süüüß aus so schön pastellig(<- kein wort aber egal XD)