Freitag, 6. Mai 2011

And yeah, now I'm 18

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a really stressful day. But ok and at the end it was nice, too.
I got many presents and I'm so happy about every single one of them!
There are two, that I'm really in love with:
On the one hand there is a game named Shadow Hearts: Covenant. When I was younger I borrowed it in a near Videothek, but after two years, the game wasn't available anymore. Now, after many more years, I got it! New and ready for me to play. Mrhrhhrhr.

So there is still another thing I'm really happy about. I got a box full with Copic Ciao Markers! Hell yeah! XD
Ah sure I tried them out, here you can see:

For the first time, I think it's ok. But the lines.. ew! What is with her left eye? D:'''

Hope you have a nice weekend,

(And from Yaku I got.. a crow and a pyramid head.. *_*)


  1. herzlichen glueckwunsch nachtraeglich x3
    aw shadow hearts is so toll *___*
    schoen coloriert *_*ich will auch so nen cooles geschenk bekommen xD

  2. Danke! :D
    Und ja Shadow Hearts ist geil, ich bin so glüclich, dass ich es endlich hab und weiter spielen kann! XD

    Sonst krieg ich sowas auch nicht.. vorallem nicht so was teures, weil ich selbst nicht mag wenns teuer ist. *_*''

  3. Ebenfalls herzlichen Glückwunsch von mir (auch nachträglich XD)
    Deine ersten Copic-Versuche sidn echt grandios. Ich erwarte mir da noch viel mehr tolle Farbexperimente von dir zu sehen :3

    LG Cora