Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012


Hey there!
Last weekend was the Dokomi an Anime and Manga convention in Düsseldorf(Germany).
This year I took some photos and I want to show them to you here!
I don't took that many or impressive ones but I think it will dscribe what I saw there and what I did there.
I was there for selling Yakus and mine products like wallpapers, postcards and things like that. I want to thank you all for showing up and maybe buying. Because of that my time at the Dokomi'12 was really great! :>

And here the photos:
Isn't that cute? They had Nyancat plushies and well they had ALPAKAS! I wanted one but I hadn't enough money for one.
And those were also really cute. But well no money and I also hadn't watch the anime.
Yeah it looks like I was only there to took Photos of plushies. Ew. But they had so many great things..
Do you see it? DO YOU SEE IT? ALPAKA! An Violet ALPAKA!
Last but not least: My table at the Zeichnerallee.
Well not really full and not really breathtaking but well. On the next Convention I want to decorate my table. But I have to think about with what I want to. Maybe flowers or something like that.

Ok that was it. I hope you liked it,

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