Mittwoch, 21. November 2012


Hello, hello!
I want to blog but I don't have that many things to show. Next time I will show Universitystuff, but this time... well.
Daw watch out, we got a fail here. I was in a state of change and trying and yeah.
Another picture that is from that state. I think I like it a bit, but every orthopedist would cry.
I tried out to do a wishstream, where the watchers could wish what they want to see from me. I think I'm not that huge fan of those things, maybe because it is more fun to draw your own stuff in stream. The chance to fail is less.
And this is Viola. In my Illustrationsemester we started a RPG by five of us. We got words and then we had to create a character. Viola is a liar, but also a leader. One of my fellows said she is bitchy. I didn't wanted that she turns out like that. I have to be much nicer.
Ok. This was it.

Have a nice rest week,

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