Montag, 7. Januar 2013

Auf Moos gebettet

Hello! :>
I drew something and did many WIPs again so here.. many green pictures.

More green. A bit orange and brown.
 The green wasn't dark enogh: More green was needed.
And a little bit white.. jay.

And the final picture. My computer has recently man problems so I had to scann this with my Laptop. The monitor isn't the best but well. I will adjust it, when my computer is healed by some nice supporting guys.
I have to admit, that I'm a bit down because of that. I bought the computer in July and now he is ill and I'm enough computer addict, that I feel down. Yeah I love Pär, I also love Opär and Pyärko and also Pyär, my new Laptop, that I will get in february.

Ok I'm at the end. I hope some found this interesting. I have mor of that with some pictures from the last year.
Have a nice day,


  1. Get better soon, Pär! ;n;

    So much green! Say, is that grass? %D
    (You know, that I know this is moss. <3)

    I envy you for your skills, Bär. I think you should know that. D:

    1. I wild Aisu appeared! She's attacking with compliments. It's very effective, Bär got blushed and her ego grew. 8>
      Bär choosed thank you!

      I think it's a bit of blue and yellow, with a little bit more yellow. And also the wild scanner added some nuances of green, that weren't there before. :'D