Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2013

Déjà Vu

Since I recently got much time... Wait, whut? How could it be, that I suddenly have time, when before I wrote that I had stress and no life at all?
The answer is very simple: I stoped going to that school.
I don't know when I was okey with the idea with not going there anymore (maybe when I got the contract for the other school and signed it? (or maybe when I had no money for the trainticket?)), but it was a relif.
I know this shouldn't be just free time, I also should do something till April and I will. But this month I want to concentrate for a short time in my life only on my projects. And also it almost christmas and new year and what wouldn't be better to start a new lifecircle on new years eve?
But this shouldn't be a life update, I wanted to show you something from tonight.

Since drawing is a bit boring without listen to something or watch, I started to watch drama alongside.
And yesterday I saw some post on Tumblr about one drama, that got me right away. I searched for the drama and watched the first episode and it was so great!
I'm talking about the taiwanese drama Déjà Vu.
First I thought it wasn't something special. Just a girl who finds his love and then tragedies happen and you know. Only some drama. But then I saw the first episode and it was so magical and cute. Then it turned sad and then it was still unbelievable lovely to watch, that I'm still in love.
I can't say if the actors are good, but they're always surprising me with their appearance and mimic. It's definitely a watch worth. Even if it's just the first episode!

Also there is great music. I'm listening to the intro all day long, since I found it yesterday.
And because I like the drama so much, I drew a fanart. Because fanarts to Anime and Manga are to mainstream.. whut? lol
Here we go:
The sribble was so detailed... not. I was in trouble when I did the line art. orz
But it turned out okey. It was very easy to draw, because I had much fun!

And that is the result. It is very romantic I think. And it is sparkly and all.. like the drama. Ha.
I like the two main character, she is so kind and lovely and he.. I can't describe it, but they are such heart warming characters. Also I like the story of the Bliss bracelet. I think it will have some great meaning in the next episodes. Maybe it will clear the situation all are in now? I don't want to spoiler but I really hope the two will find together again. Hach.

And now I said everything I wanted. I hope you all have a nice day!

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