Sonntag, 10. April 2011


When I'm at the end with this picture, I don't want to draw those flowers again in my entire life. I don't know why I'm always drawing so much flowers and plants, it's not just in the Calender pictures..

Now I'm saying I wouldn't ever draw those again, but you will see... next month I sure will. XD

Okay some explaining on my work process:
First I sketch some lines with a pencil, then when I'm thinking "Ow that's really nice" I will work it out, till it looks fine to me and then I line it with a softer Pencil to clarify details and important fragments. After this I begin with the right lines. Mostly I line with Deleter Fineliner in 0,03, because I like thin lines. :D
When all the lines are on the paper, I will begin with the color, but you see I'm not finish at the moment and so the coloring process comes later.

Hope you like and till next time,

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