Montag, 4. April 2011


Today I felt like I was again for two days in Disneyland. My feet are so flat like a pancake, or you see like two days in Disneyland. (It's really the same pain! Unbelievable!)
So I will for the next two weeks look into the baker work and today it was the first day for me.
It was a bit boring, because I just had to pack bread and rolls. Hope in the next days I will have some more work to do, so that I don't have just to stand all the time.
But it was OK. :D



  1. Bisschen schwierig zu verstehen. Vielleicht lieber auf Deutsch? :D

  2. Was meinst du, warum ich auf Englisch schreibe? Damit mans irgendwann versteht! XD