Freitag, 4. November 2011

I really like the word 'fancy'

Even without a fancy sketchbook, I still have some sketches ready. (It's magical! 8D) This time's a small illustration of Marie and Cornelius from my adaption of "Frau Holle" for "Grimms Manga" by Tokyopop. I think it's from May, but I couldn't decide which colours to use, so it's never been finished since then.
Looking at it now makes me think, what the hell bit me to make the legs soo thin?! It's incredible. They're gonna break any second! o__o So fun! 8D

Um, apart from that, I survived three days of Bär. 8D We died like a hundred times while playing Ico, since we suck at jumping. XD But you know, I really like how the camera follows the fall and watches it till the very end, seconds long, instead of cutting off immediately. Sure adds to the drama. It's fun! 8D
Shadow of the Colossus is nice, too, as far as we played it till now. :> Bär killed the first colossus in my stead and I'm still in despair whether I will ever learn how to climb correctly. orz
But! We actually managed to draw something instead of only playing video games the whole time. I'm very proud.

And as some kind of twisted reward, I'm now sitting in semi-darkness, 'cause the workers who are doing some roof repair and stuff at the house, somehow killed half of our electricity. Drawing commissions in the semi-dark is totally absolutely fun. Sigh. u,u
The adventure of life~


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