Freitag, 11. November 2011

Kernel Panics & Alpacas

Hoho. First time ever I saw something like this. When we were trying to recover a PC with broken Windows logon today and were working our way through the registry with the help of a boot CD, we obviously tried to peek inside the wrong value, when the kernel suddenly panicked. All cute with ??!s and stuff being displayed in the commando line and blinking keyboard lamps. Ha. *_* Luckily it was not my computer or else I would have panicked alongside it. 8D (We did manage to repair the logon in the end. <3) Nicely done, Mr Programmer, making the kernel all cute. *3*b


And yes, I still haven't written the report on my journey, I know. I'm lazy. And so I didn't come along to tell how Japan betrayed me. There are no Alpacas in Japan at all! Here I thought, I'd be totally trendy for once and bring a trendy Alpaca back from Japan. I was fooled. There are no Mameshibas either. I was fooled! Japan left me in despair! >O<
Mameshiba dogs are quite common, though, but those were not the ones I wanted. >3>
Oh well, I'm just going to confiscate my sister's alpaca plushie the next time I get the chance. 8D (I still don't know how she can own one without even knowing where it came from. |D)


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