Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

Happy new year! Again?!

Yo! Good morning, girls and boys. Do you know that? In the head, there's always talk going on. Voices talking nonstop. Be it dialogues for stories, business mails, private mails, situations that will happen someday, stuff that happened in the past ... the thoughts are always talking talking talking talking ... But in the end, what I write down from all that is like 0.05%. Writing is hard. D:

So for today, on to some sketches. 8D Character sketches for a short romantic(!) story I'm planning for the next 24h-comic challenge we're doing in a small circle soon. Probably my first characters ever who are wearing glasses. XD
Have a good year everyone. Let's all be happy and read a lot and write a lot and do a lot of all the happy stuff we like to do whatever that may be.
I for one, I want to eat a lot of delicious food. As of lately, delicious food ranks pretty high in my "things-that-make-me-happy"-list. Might be because the time when I move out from my parents' home draws ever nearer and if I don't find myself some boyfriend, who can cook, I will live on bread and water. 8D
And speaking of reading and happiness. For Christmas I got that supergorgeous collection of H.P. Lovecraft stories, which looks so pretty, and scares me just by the thought that I have to read Lovecraft in English instead of my native language German. XD But owning that thing sure makes me happy. *_*b I really like Lovecraft. :>


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