Montag, 2. Januar 2012


Hah! First post in 2012.
I spent the whole new years night by drawing a artwork for the competition to Hungry Hearts 6 by Schwarzerturm.

Yeah erotic, who read this blog, can imagine that erotic isn't my territory and so it was a challenge for me.
First I made some sketch and copied it to another paper to use it as lines. But then there were so many mistakes and so it ended like a sketch. See here:

The left leg was first not like this and it looked horrible. Hah, luck, that I changed it before I copied again to Copic-paper. I drew the whole picture with a pencil and just added some Copic to the dark areas. Finished piece is this:
I like the finished piece, because it was fun to draw and I also like the PinUp style.
Hope you'll like too.


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