Freitag, 27. April 2012

Greetings from the Bunnybee

This past February, I brought my PS3 (name it Three for convenience) online for the first time in her life (some years now). All for FF13-2. Because I wanted to change Serah's dress!!! Hell yeah, once in a while, I'm actually acting like a girl. 8D So, in April when Bär discovered her need for Journey, her Three went online, too. And we got all happy, because we could add each other as our first friend!! *A* And then, omg, we had to send each other some PS3-messages for we don't talk enough with each other via MSN every day. And yeah, the part I want to tell is actually just how much I love my Three for remembering every single f***ing key input, even from within the games. I'm typing a word starting with "de" totally innocently, thinking of nothing, and Three suggests "Defrosted Tuna Team". The Yes!! *3*> I love her for remembering how much I enjoyed playing Star Ocean 3 ... on the PS2!! orz I often think about replaying, but I can never decide whether I should dare Dimension difficulty mode or not. I want to, but I know how much I suck at playing ... "8D Endless torments. 

For all those who are wondering, what's Star Ocean 3 on Two and Defrosted Tuna on Three have in common: In SO3 you can choose a name from a list when your team inscribes for coliseum battles. I chose "Defrosted Tuna Team" because it was the silliest. And of course, when I had the chance to enter a custom name for my coliseum team in Star Ocean 4 (on Three), Defrosted Tuna celebrated its glorious return. And Three engraved it in her memory. To my utter delight. 8D
Wonderful stories are wonderful~ 8D
Just like bunnybees. Illustrator doodle. :>


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