Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

Sterne des Wassers

I've been drawing a lot in the last days and now I want to show you the outcome of one of those pictures from the beginning to the end!

Lets start with the scribble and lines!
Lines above the scribble because I forgot to take a picture of the scribble!
Only the lines and I also added the 'Rubbelkrepp' (masking liquid of hell) to some areas.
First colors.
After I finished the lines with ink I added water to the paper and dropped color of it, so that I got this background.
When it was dry I first colored the hair, then the skin.
With background.
More colors!
I removed the 'Rubbelkrepp' and drew the fishes. I also colored the clothes and the hairpin.
Some detailshot with the remain colored clothes.
Finished picture without details.
That picture was for a contest, that is hold by leinef on DeviantArt. You have to draw one of her three character to compete in it.
I really liked the design of this character and fell in love with her, when I saw her the first time.
I also rediscovered my love for water color while working on this picture.
ou can see the full image here: http://fraeuleinbaer.deviantart.com/art/Sterne-des-Wassers-313298843
I hope you like it!


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