Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012


After a few days I decided to upload my WIPs from the waterball picture some of you maybe know the picture, some not.
First I was like: 'Nah I don't want to upload', the only reason was because I was too lazy to edit the photos. orz
But here we go:

Here you can see the some snapshots I did when I drew.
I started with some sketch an traced it to the right paper. Then I inked it and added after some dry time Krepp to it, because I wanted that the ball looks like glass.
I weted the paper and applied two tones of green, yello and also lilac. After it was dry I erased the Krepp and guess what? Some parts of the paper ripped of too.
I'm glad that it was only the part of her foot and not the face but ew.
When you look close to the photos you can see the part that was damage. Also you can see it, after I colored the person because that part looks super messy.
I'm so happy that I was able to save that part with some mix from Copics and watercolor and also later Photoshop.
Go to hell shitty Krepp!

Here is the finished picture:

I hope you liked this short walkthrough. I try my best to take photos or screenshots when I'm drawing.

I think next thing that will come is a Review of the new Drama series Sprout. Because to much walkthrough is to much, I think.

You all have a nice day,

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