Montag, 24. September 2012

Quack, Quack

Hey! Again it's Bär.. Yaku you had homework till today! Don't forget it!

Na nevermind! I was really busy with drawing the last days, weeks and month. I still have summervacation. 2 weeks more to go till I have school again and I'm really looking forward to some ruled days in which I will go early to bed and eat at a normal time. Like 12AM and not 12PM.

But ok I was here because I have WIPs and a new picture to show!
Have a look on this:

The scribble and the Outlines with the first colors. It's really hard to draw with Copics on Pencil Lines because it is sometimes a bit unclear after the full coloring. I like it when the Outlines are crisp.
Here the finished piece:
I like the colors. It is a bit different to my other work, so yeah. I don't know.

Hope you like it!

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