Freitag, 24. Mai 2013

I'll be your home

Hello, Hello, Hello!
Long time no see… again. Argh!
In the last days (weeks) it was just a big chaos in my life. I’m not feeling well where I live because of many reasons and it took me quite a while to understand, that I just hurt myself with living there. So I decided to move out and back home a few days ago and what can I say?
I got ill. But even I’m ill, I’m so happy that I can be home again, so I think that I’m doing the right with moving back to my old home, to my mom and to my pets. :>
And because I’m home I also got a bit creativ again. Today I thought about a little story and also things for my uni!
But I want to show you what I did for the little story I told about!

These are the two protagonists. Viveca and her child Nika.
This was a few scribbles later when I was a bit more 'in' drawing. I hope to draw their story in a bit, but first I have to do my Uniwork and also two other stories that are waiting since weeks!

Thanks for reading! I will try to post more often in the future again!

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