Montag, 29. Juli 2013

Rapunzel-Schnipp, Schnapp.

Hey guys! :>
Today I want to show you a few steps and finished piece of my recent work.
This was one of the first Steps. I arranged the sketch till I was pleased and then I printed it and did the outlines with my pencil.
Outlines in the raw scan. I love to do the sketch in light blue, it is so much easier to work like that for me than to do the sketch with pencil! Have to buy new mines for my technical pencil, so I can do that also with traditional media.
I cleaned the pencil outlines and did the ground coloring. I hate that part so much, I would pay for someone who does that for me, but unfortunately I don't have any money to pay someone for it..
Next slife goal: Get rich, to pay someone for that.

First I did Aikos shading. I got kramps in the arm when I colored the skirt, so I decided to got to bed. And do the rest the next day which is today.
So I did Yuki and then the background and I was very irritated that it didn't take so long as I thought.
Here have the finished piece! :>
This was it. I hope you like it!
Please wish me luck, because this is for the Animexx Calender competition!

Have a nice day,

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