Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

Influence Map

Today I did an Influence Map and I will show it to you and say some things about it.
Pictures found from Google and Zerochan
So what is there now..
In the first row there is Tekkon Kinkreet and a Screenshot from Ohayo which stands for Satoshi Kons movies.
Tekkon Kinkreet is one of my favorite movies of all time because it is so detailed but at the same time it looks so sketchy. The characters are really different, too. I hope also my style looks one day that free.
I love all movies from Satoshi Kon. They are so special and inspiring. There's nothing more to say.
Second row we have Professor Layton and the 6th One Piece movie, which represents Mamoru Hosoda!
I love Laytons idividual style and that every person looks different, same as Tekkon Kinkreet. i hope I can reach such a variation in characters for my stories too.
Mamoru Hosoda has always such a unique style in his movies which is so light and dynamic at the same time. Bwah, I would kill for such a light and dynamic style.
Last row there a three. The biggest is Inio Asano which is just like GDUZJQWK for me. His Mangas are so awesome and unique. His storytelling is great and he is at the moment one of the biggest inspirations for me.
On the first picture on the right is a Manga by Sorata Akizuki. Jeez, Sorata Akizuki is so great. The backgrounds look so easy and sketchy.. I'm trying to learn that. Also the costumes and clothing in her Mangas are super awesome. I want to draw such detailed clothing one day, too!
Last but not least we have Chika Umino. I love her style and coloring! It's not that fancy but it looks really warm and cute! Hope one day I can do that too, without much effort.

And that was it. It was really hard to chose, because I don't have that much influences since I don't watch much TV/Anime or reading Manga. But those are inspiring and influencing me in some decisions.
But still.. I think the influences are not that great. orz

Well, till next time,

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