Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011

I hate hackers

Hey, today I was really shocked, because over night I got 300+ Mails in Hotmail. So I was just like "WTF"
See this:

Yeah. Fuck. My mother was like "Don't open, it could be a virus." Haha yeah so I didn't. Until Yaku said it looks like I tried to send mails that doesn't arrives. Yeah so I opened one message and yeah, Yaku was right.
Also I looked in my send Mails and what was there? Sure. 300+ mails that were sent. Haha.

Woah I'm so angry.. "orz
I don't know how this could happen.. nah stupid Hacker is stupid! GO DIE!

Well ok. I changed my password. So that this will not ever happen again.


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