Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2012


Well well, it's Yaku. Not.
Like always it's Bär.

Today I wanted to share some WIPS and the finished piece of my work für conceptual illustration.

After one hour...
After a trillion more hours. This was so nerv wrecking! But I kinda liked it in this state way more as with color.
In the end the finished piece is what counts. I think it is good for the first task. I hope the docent will see it like me. ''orz
Oh there was something when I drew the ball. First it was flat and even with shadows it looked not that 3Dthing like. But when I added some strokes like in my other Aquarellcoloration it began to look like this. It was like: "WOAH what is this? It's crazy"
I didn't know that such small details could change everything! Yeah ok I just learned it by the other pictures but aw. Such a nice thing to know!

My word for wednesday,

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