Montag, 31. Dezember 2012


After more than 15 years, I finally solved all 100 levels of Pushover, my most favourite game of all times and all worlds! *3* Thanks to my family for playing with me (not that were of any real help in recent years). Long live the Push Ant! <3

If you're wondering, what kind of game Push is, it's an old puzzle game, where you have to rearrange different types of dominoes, so that once pushed all stones fall over in order. It was originally made for DOS, but it can be still played on modern computers using an emulator. 8>b

And thus, just as the game, the year comes to a close. Let's all do our best next year (and the next game), too!
Thanks for stopping by!

And yes, this is Yaku writing! I'm still around and will be! Sorry for not showing up at all these past months, I'll try to get better. Big hugs to Pär, because she's the Masterpär. <3

Happy New Year!

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